A downloadable game for Windows


w-a-s-d or arrow keys - control ship
mouse - aim
spacebar or left mouse button - shoot
Esc - Quit Game

Avoid obstacles and destroy enemies to get more points


This is My take on GameDev.Tv's "Argon Assault" from their Unity 3D udemy course! All of the Assets were provided by the course and/or found on the Asset Store.

This one was great for me to learn more about 3d game development, and especially about unity timeline, but as I wasn't too invested on the genre I didn't put much effort into the level design or game feel.

I did add the mouse control for aiming! It was fun to do this self-challenge and to research how to implement it alone.

If you're interested in learning Unity, their course has been great for me! You can find it at Udemy!


AA_1.1_win64.zip 93 MB
AA_1.1_win32.zip 91 MB

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